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Issue: Environmental Responsibility

Grant Amount: 39,090.00
Toronto, ON
Year Funded: 2011
Organization: EVERGREEN

The Eco-Ambassadors project will provide in-depth service learning opportunities for 30 high school students with learning challenges, focused on developing their understanding of environmental responsibility through the lenses of food systems, active transportation and urban ecology.  Participants will explore human impacts on the environment through youth-driven community assessments, intensive hands-on workshops and activities, and the creation and dissemination of a final community service project, webpage, community workshops, and celebration. Youth will graduate from the program equipped with new ideas and leadership skills that will allow them to effect change and promote sustainable living within their communities.

The Eco-Ambassadors Program addresses the issue of Environmental Responsibility by engaging youth participants in a collaborative, youth-driven exploration of the impact of humans on the environment, grounded in their immediate realities and surroundings. The 3 modules work together holistically, equipping youth with the knowledge, skills, and experience to be better citizens and environmental advocates and leaders in their communities—one small action at a time.  At the end of the project, the YMCA of Greater Toronto will use the systems youth have put in place to address immediate gaps, while the strategies and resources disseminated through the web-site and community celebration will create a ripple effect within the families and communities of everyone who works at and visits the YMCA Centre for Community.

Project Updates

Students get a first hand look into active transportation at Evergreen.

Students get a first hand look into active transportation at Evergreen.

Check out the Y Academy's blog about their recent visit to Evergreen Brick Works as they embark in the Eco Ambassadors program!

State Farm grants Evergreen & the YAcademy a cheque for $39,090!

Check out the Y Academy's blog about the State Farm cheque presentation!

Y Academy’s Eco-Ambassadors take to the trails at EBW

Check out Evergreen's blog about the Y Academy's completion of Module 1 of the Eco Ambassador's program!

Eco Ambassadors in the Evergreen News!

Eco Ambassadors in the Evergreen News!

The State Farm Youth Advisory Board's generous contribution for the Eco Ambassadors program is highlighted in Evergreen's Winter 2012 newsletter!

Rainy Day at Children's Play

Rainy Day at Children's Play

The Eco-Ambassadors help develop and maintain the Children's Play at Evergreen Brick Works in preparation for their final community project - a garden!

Evergreen Eco-Ambassadors Final Project - A Garden!

Evergreen Eco-Ambassadors Final Project - A Garden!

A recap of the final community project at the YMCA Academy that saw the realization of a beautiful community accessible garden!

As you will see the space was beautifully restored and naturalized! The preschoolers loved the support from their youth peers!

The Eco-Ambassadors program has been an amazing success in 2012! Plans are already underway to see the program continue and expand as more youth express interest in taking part and becoming community greening leaders.

A big thank you from Evergreen and the YMCA Academy to the State Farm Youth Advisory Board!

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